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We provide structural engineering with an emphasis on creative economic solutions and attention to detail.  We strive to be an asset and an advocate for our clients and their businesses.  Our client list includes Architects, Builders, Property Owners and Developers and we understand that responsiveness to your project needs is crucially important.  As engineers, we understand that often things look great on paper but don’t always work out perfectly on the jobsite.  For this reason, we endeavor to put ourselves in your boots and are continually open to feedback and suggestions on how to improve.

At Bitterroot, we have the experience and resources to solve some of the most challenging structural problems.   We utilize AutoCAD & Revit software to produce professional permit ready construction drawings and structural models.  We maintain a high level of proficiency and skill with advanced engineering software that allows us to optimize design thus reducing material expenses.  For the same purpose, we continually work to stay up to speed on new technology and changing building codes.


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